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The report is 22 pages in length. Topics include Getting Started, Navigation, Boat Handling, Family Boating, and Resources.

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Posted by: Fran | January 13, 2013

Two Burner Boat Galley

An article Preparing for Cooking In a Two Burner Boat Galley has been published in the Street Article Directory.


Posted by: Fran | January 5, 2013

Meal Planning For Boating – Save Money and Time

Meal planning for a boating vacation saves money and time.

The following article is posted on Easy Family Boating Recipes:

Menu Planning Tips

1.  The first step is to plan a menu for all meals to be eaten on board.

Breakfast        Lunch            Dinner             Snacks

2.  Plan meals with common ingredients.  For example… Read More Easy Family Boating Recipes

Posted by: Fran | December 2, 2012

Gift Ideas For Boat Owners On Your List

An article Gifts for Boat Owners has been added to the Street Article Directory.

Buying gifts for boat owners can be a challenge. One way to decide is who will be receiving…Read More

Posted by: Fran | May 21, 2012

Snacks for Boating

Having snacks on board for the crew is an important part of overall menu planning.It seems the fresh air and constant movement of the boat gives the crew a raving appetite.

You may want to check out the snack ideas at

Posted by: Fran | March 30, 2012

Twin Engine Boat Handling

“For many people, moving from a single engine to a twin engined vessel is a big step. If you are used to an outboard or inboard-outboard, it will take a mental shift when learning twin engines with shaft drive.

Rule 1 for beginners:
Neutral is your best friend – especially as the size and weight of the vessel increases it is important to keep the speed of the vessel at the minimum required to retain control. Speed is your enemy and when you go into gear only stay in gear 1 – 2 seconds. This will prevent the vessel from gathering speed which gives you less time to react and think. Usually the objective is to coast the vessel to its berth. When you have 65,000 lbs. under you, that is a lot of momentum.”

For more information and resources visit Twin Engine Boat Handling lens

Posted by: Fran | September 1, 2011

Boating FAQ’S

Boating FAQ’s Ebook

Only $8.97 CDN

Skippers, crew members and guests will benefit from the “71 Essentials Answers for Every Boater”.  For safety reasons, it is essential that at least one other person aboard is able to handle the vessel in the event the skipper is incapacitated. 

The information contained in this book will assist you in handling your vessel safely, make your boating more enjoyable and allow you to boat with increased confidence.  Once you read “71 Essentials Answers for Every Boater” you will be well prepared to handle your vessel.

More information at Boating FAQ’s

Only $8.97 CDN

Posted by: Fran | July 22, 2011

Easy Family Boating Recipes

Provisioning and cooking on board requires planning and easy to prepare

Recipes and articles can be found at

Posted by: Fran | July 22, 2011

VHF – Introduction to the Operator’s Course

If you use a VHF Radio aboard a boat, you are required by law to have a
Restricted Operator’s Certificate – Maritime ROC(M).

An outline of VHF Radio Procedures can be found at

Posted by: Fran | November 23, 2010

Gift Ideas For Boaters

When considering gifts for the boaters on your list, the following questions may help with ideas:

1.  New or experienced boater?
2.  Sail, powerboat, fishing boat, or kayak?
3.  Do the boaters engage in day trips or longer voyages?
4.  Is there a galley on board the boat?

There are several suggestions and resources for gifts on my lens,
Gift Ideas For Boaters



Posted by: Fran | October 6, 2009

Boating and Fishing in BC

Boating and fishing are family activities we enjoy.  Our family business, located in Sidney BC,  is boating.

Our son was introduced to on the water activities at an early age.  Fishing is a keen interest of  his and I invite you to visit a blog he has started  about his experiences.

Boating and Fishing in BC


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